Etiquette & rules

Sunset Drive-In

69017 Red Arrow Hwy

Hartford, MI 49057


Etiquette & rules

~We want everyone to enjoy their time at Sunset Drive-in. Please read and use the advice on this page so that a safe and fun time can be had by all!!


~Drive slowly (5mph) and carefully in the park! Make sure you watch for pedestrians at all times. Please drive with your parking lights on only.

~Use caution when sitting outside your vehicle. Make sure the driver of the car you are sitting in front of or behind knows that you are there. Drivers: Please check in front and in back of your vehicles before moving your vehicles.

~Trucks, Vans, & Suvs must park beyond row 6, vehicles with hatches raised above the roofs may be asked to lower them.

~ Handicap Patrons, Assistance available upon request.

~Playground, Closes at dusk. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

~ No Pets Please

~Tickets, Once you have purchased a ticket you may not leave and return without purchasing another ticket NO EXCEPTION!!!!

~Visit Our Concession Stand,   A large percentage of the admission/ticket price goes back to the film distributor for the rental of each movie, so please treat yourself to the delicious food, drinks, & treats in the concession stand.